Pulsed Elecromagnetic Field Cellular Exercise and What to Expect


Most people have not even heard of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields [PEMF], much less had

a one-hour session with a high-intensity system.  For most, it is an entirely new experience

and as a new user you may not know exactly what to expect during and after a session.

To make your session as comfortable as possible, it is important to educate yourself about

the various potential outcomes of a PEMF session. What might happen during and after a

pulse session may surprise you.


Someone totally new to PEMF may wonder about the physical sensations you will feel while

pulsing. The control Pulse PEMF devices offer greatly diminishes the possibility of discomfort

during a session and Pulse Therapy Darling Downs Pulse operators are committed to making

the experience as pleasant as possible.


In most cases, pulsing is gentle and soothing. A pleasant experience like this can be easily

achieved by adjusting the Magnetic Field Strength (MFS) to your individual tolerance level.

Since an MFS beyond your tolerance level is actually counter-productive, communication is

key and you need to let the pulse system operator know if you are experiencing discomfort. 


Structuring every session with the goal of providing an enjoyable experience every time may afford more opportunities to prove the value of PEMF to you. 


Obviously, experiences will vary, as there are several factors such as the accessories being used, and the wellness challenges experienced by you the client.


As a guide, most people experience some or all of the following in their first session:


  • Noticeable pulsing and stimulation around areas of previous injury or pain;

  • Small muscle contractions;

  • Movement of the pulsing action as it works on different areas or sides of the body;

  • Areas of sensitivity;

  • Possible light headedness or nausea [less common]


Again, communication is vital - if you are feeling some uncomfortable reactions it is important to tell the pulse system operator so they can lower the intensity to provide a more gentle pulsing sensation. If you are experiencing nausea, you might move to the cool down portion of the session. (The cool down lasts a minimum of ten minutes and involves pulsing at very weak settings with a whole-body accessory or chair pad.)


After the session is complete, you are likely to have one of three outcomes:


  1. The first possibility is an enjoyable experience with a range of positive sensations such as relaxation,[4] increased energy,[6] and supported range of motion.[8] Experiences like these are wonderful and they can quickly validate the investment of PEMF;


  1. The second possibility is no noticeable change. In some cases, it may take time for positive effects to accumulate.  While this can be disappointing, integrating regular PEMF sessions into a robust wellness regimen often addresses long-term underlying cellular dysfunction that supports the body’s natural abilities to regulate and heal itself;


  1. The third and final possibility that some users report, is that pulsing may lead to detoxification, thus causing symptoms such as headaches, brain fog, fatigue, or nausea. 


It is essential to understand in advance that detoxification is a possible outcome, as this can be helpful in setting your expectations - detoxification is a natural process of eliminating toxins in the body. 


It is possible to manage the detoxification process by:


  • pulsing at low intensity the last ten minutes of every session;

  • making sure you are well hydrated pre and post each PEMF session - it is recommended you hydrate with 500ml to 1 litre of water following each session; and by

  • strategically using PEMF accessories that avoid high-intensity stimulation of the core.


Since several outcomes are possible, discussing these with you prior to your first session can be helpful in calming any anxieties or fears you may have.  Plus, the more you understand the process, the more relevant feedback you may be able to provide on your experience both during and after the session. Establishing open communication will also help the pulse system operator to make necessary adjustments to your pulsing program.


Providing you with an understanding of the technology will help us to set healthy expectations for your experience with PEMF.  Likewise, be sure to ask any questions that you may have about PEMF. We always recommend following the path of education for success to help us to provide better pulsing sessions. 


To locate further information and research citations listed in this document, please visit www.info.pulsecentres.com/research

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