Michael and Virginia Wacker – Directors, Pulse Therapy Darling Downs Pty Ltd

Michael:   “After growing up in Brisbane, I enjoyed a long work-life association with livestock and in particular horses, dogs, cattle and sheep. I have worked as area manager and manager on some of the largest rural livestock enterprises in central west Queensland:  “Portland Downs”, in the Longreach region from 1985 to 1991, and “Athol” and “Alice Downs”, near Blackall from late 1991 to January 2020.”


Virginia:   “I also have had a life-long association with the livestock industry having grown up on “Portland Downs” in central west Queensland.   I studied general nursing at PA Hospital in Brisbane and then returned to central west Queensland where I worked intermittently as a Registered Nurse up until 1991. During this time I also lent support on the properties, mainly mustering and yard work and in later years, maintaining stud records. Since 2010, I have been involved in the world of family and community support, working with vulnerable people and communities to ensure their human service needs are best met.” 



In February 2020, Michael and Virginia moved to a small farm of their own near Pittsworth approximately 45 kms south-west of Toowoomba on the Darling Downs. This move has brought them closer to children, grandchildren and elderly parents and in their words: “It has been wonderful…”.


Why PEMF?   Following a five month period of severe post-operative pain that was constant and not responding to conventional pain treatments, Virginia experienced first-hand the immense, almost instant relief following her first Pulsed Electromagnetic Field session in January 2019.  Thankyou Kevin Berry from Berry’s Pulse Services!


In late 2018 a gelding they had bred was being worked in north-west Queensland when he sustained a severe bone infection in his off-hind hock following an injury. On return to Blackall, the hock was X-rayed and the Vet advised to have him put down as the damage from the infection was considered to be too extensive. 


Because Virginia had experienced such a profound, personal response to PEMF, both Michael and Virginia wanted to try the modality on Snoopy. Following a few intermittent treatments (the practitioner was only visiting Blackall from Rockhampton every 6 weeks), an extensive course of antibiotics and a very long spell, Snoopy was brought down to their farm near Pittsworth in August 2020.  He is now being ridden regularly by Michael with no evidence of discomfort or loss of ability! 


“These two personal experiences were the catalyst for our desire to purchase a PULSE-EQ machine and we look forward to offering PEMF Cellular Exercise sessions to all who wish to have the opportunity to experience a higher level of well-being for themselves and/or their animals.”